Superior Comfort, Mobility and Productivity
Adgility™ Hip Vacuums and Backpack Vacuums are designed to improve both the cleaning productivity and ergonomic comfort of your cleaning crew. Ideal for cleaning in offices, classrooms and other facilities with hard and soft flooring and tight spaces.

Benefits of Adgility Hip and Backpack Vacuums
Offering lightweight 6.4 lb hip vacuums and ergonomically designed backpack vacuums, the Adgility line combines cleaning power, operator comfort, quiet operation and affordability — perfect for your cleaning application. The 12” combination floor tool delivers versatility to clean both hard and soft floors.

  • Improve operator comfort with the ergonomic design, lightweight construction and adjustable padded belt/harness
  • Deliver superior indoor air quality with three level filtration (Hip Vacuum) or four level filtration (Backpack Vacuum) and optional HEPA filter
  • Increase cleaning productivity with ample power — the Hip Vacuum has 25% more power than any vacuum in its class and the Backpack Vacuums moves 144 ft3 of air per minute
  • Clean during the day thanks to the quiet, high-performance motor
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